Sahil Public School ⇒ School History

Sahil Public School, up to Senior Secondary Level, was founded in April 2006. Set up by Mr.S.K.Gupta, it is located over nearly 3 acres of land in the heart of NOIDA.

Sahil Public School creates a teaching learning paradise for all its students, by providing them with excellent facilities, good academic options and large variety of extracurricular activities.

NOC from State obtained.
NOC No. : 2320/15-07-06-116(62)/2006
NOC issuing date : 23-06-2006
School is affiliated from C.B.S.E.

Status of affiliation:

Affiliation No.: 2130930  (SL-1436-0708)/21543
Affiliation Date: 14th March 2008

School Code :- 60423

Extension of Affiliation: 31st March,2023

Name of Trust/Society: Akhil Bhartiya Gyan Bharti Vidyalya Samiti       Valid: Permanent

Last Three Years Result of Our School

Class 10 Result

2020 - 79%   , 2021  - 79%   ,  2022 - 96%

Class 12 Result 

2020  75%  , 2021  - 75%   , 2022 - 85% 


Management Committee of School-

Sr.No. Name Address Qualification Occupation Designation Term
1. S.K.Gupta B-93,Sec.-30,Noida Graduate Business Manager 3 Years
2. Prof Y P Singh B-93,Sec.-30,Noida  Post Graduate Educationist Manager 3 Years
3. Sh,Sudesh Mahajan 4348/B-1,Ansari R.D.,Delhi P.Graduate Educationist Member 3 years
4. Kamal Mahajan B-45,Sec-19,Noida U.Graduate Business Society Member 3 years
5. Dr. Veenam B-7,sec-20,Noida P HD Educationist Society Member 3 years
6. Ravindra Khanna 164,Rehari Colony,Jammu Graduate Business Society Member 3 years
7. Sh.S.K.Sharma 209,City Mall,Sec-62,Noida Graduate Ex-Serviceman Society Member 3 years
8. Geeta 108, Rahul  Vihar,Noida U. Graduate Service Parent Member Term
9. Manju 163,Rajeev Vihar,GZB U.Graduate Service Parent Member Term
10. Suman R.C.-23,Khora Colony,Noida M.A. Teacher Member 3 years
11. Mrs.Beenu I.O.C.Colony Sec-55,Noida B.Ed Teacher Member 3 years
12. Mrs.shobha Kulshrestha B-18,sec-40,Noida M.B.A. Educationist Member 3 years
13. Mrs. Nirmala Singh 6th Avenue Gaur City ,GZB M.A.M.Ed Principal Secretary 3 years

Area of School Campus:2 Acre,8240 Sq mtr

Build Up Area:2240 Sq mtr Playground:6000 Sq mtr

Fee Structure -

Class 1st to 3rd : Rs.2000 Class IVth: Rs.2200 Class Vth: Rs. 2200 Class 6th to 8th: Rs.2500 Class 9th : Rs.3000
Class 10th : Rs.3000 Class 11th: Rs.3500   Class 12th : Rs.3500.  
No. of Students- Standard 1st: 55 Standard 2nd:61
Standard 3rd: 51 Standard 4th :63 Standard 5th :56
Standard 6th: 31 Standard 7th: 49 Standard 8th: 83
Standard 9th: 225 Standard 10th: 207 Standard 11th: 145
Standard 12th: 149-    

Transportation Facility: Available

Library facility: Available     Area Of Library: 25'*30' Sq. Feet

Name of the Grievance Officer : Shrasti Gupta 
Contact No.: 9213848953  Mail ID:

Member of Sexual Harrashment: Mr. Khalil Khan

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